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Welcome to Advanced Eyecare of Andover


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Our Mission

Our office is committed to providing comprehensive eye care of the highest quality to you and your family. We promise to thoroughly explain your eye health status and vision needs with an emphasis on preventative care. Our goal is to improve your quality of life through better vision. We always recommend the best treatments and products available for your specific lifestyle. We strive to exceed your expectations at every level of service and value.

Reasons to Choose Advanced Eyecare of Andover:

  • We listen to our patients--we use your feedback to improve our service
  • We stand behind our work
  • We provide the best warranty--2 years on frames and lenses
  • We offer a contact lens "Buy em' Back" guarantee
  • We offer payment plan options for your convenience
  • We focus on preventative care to maintain healthy vision for a lifetime
  • We have a modern website with convenient features for our patients
  • We invest in the latest technology & instruments
  • We invest in education so our Doctor and Staff can offer the latest treatments
  • We offer premium products because they perform better
  • We offer a "Contact Lens Success Program"
  • We educate & communicate with our patients (join our newsletter)
  • We offer a large selection of products in our full service optical
  • We are locally owned--our Doctor & Staff live in & care about this community
  • We offer medical and vision care services under one roof
  • We are easily wheel chair accessible
  • We have special understanding working with children and adults with special needs and autism spectrum disorder

How We Can Help You


Our goal at Advanced Eyecare of Andover is to provide the most thorough vision assessments and ocular health evaluations because that is what your family deserves. By utilizing state of the art technology and equipment we guarantee that you will receive the best quality eye care available. We also offer an extensive selection of frames and contacts allowing you to find a look that is right for you. Your complete experience is our top priority as we want your visits to be both educational and enjoyable for your entire family. We look forward to meeting you and ensuring your family’s vision health for years to come.

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They are your eyes. You wouldn’t trust them to just anyone. At Advanced Eyecare of Andover. We understand how important quality and affordable eye care is to you and your family. 

At Advanced Eyecare of Andover you will receive the most thorough, up-to-date, comprehensive eye examination available. We use the most advanced technology when prescribing contact lenses and glasses, treating eye diseases (such as glaucoma, iritis, pink eye, foreign bodies, etc.), and directly managing those interested in refractive surgery. We also care for patients who need cataract surgery, performing their pre-operative and post-operative care.

Our Services

What We Offer


Advanced Eyecare of Andover provides you with the most personal and professional eye care available. We are committed to delivering the finest eye care for your entire family… with a highly personal touch. Just as you regularly have preventative dental maintenance, your eyes deserve the same attention with yearly eye examinations. Dr. Herve takes the time to explain the findings in your examination and makes sure all your questions are answered. 

Our comprehensive annual eye examinations include the following:  

  • Customized eyeglass prescriptions
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Eye muscle testing
  • Lazy eye evaluation
  • Dilated retinal examination
  • Color vision testing
  • Depth perception
  • Evaluation for corneal dystrophies

Medical Eye Services


At Advanced Eyecare of Andover we do more than just perform comprehensive annual eye examinations; we also provide the following types of examinations: 
Customized contact lens including bifocal, astigmatism and Gas Permeable,  Scleral  and Hybrid contacts as well as Corneal Refractive Therapy.
Emergency eye care
Diabetic eye examinations
LASIK consultations
Management of eye diseases such as:
Glaucoma  |  Pink Eye  |  Dry Eye  |  Lazy Eye
Examinations for patients taking high risk medications

Advanced Prescriptive Lenses


Digital Lenses

The use of digital lenses in ophthalmic eyeglasses is increasing in eye care practices all over the world. Although this technology has been around for quite some time, it is becoming more common and preferred among lens laboratories. 

Digital lens processing offers a higher level of precision when creating the lens and also opens up the possibility to create extremely unique and versatile lenses in terms of shape and prescription. This is thanks to the equipment used to create the lens. By using processing equipment that requires the measure, analysis and computation of lens data in the form of numerical digits, both surfaces of a lens can be directly surfaced with a high level of accuracy. With this improved level of precision a patient will experience more comfort in their prescription and a greater level of satisfaction. Due to the manufacturing process, a digital lens allows for more peripheral vision and a sharper picture. 

Digital lenses allows for the customization of progressive lens designs that traditional processing cannot produce. 

In addition to digital lens technology, we offer the following:

  • Premium Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Transition® Lenses
  • Advanced Progressive Lenses
  • Sunglass and Polarized Lenses

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To schedule an appointment, please send us a message or give us a call during our business hours. 

Advanced Eyecare of Andover

1574 154th Avenue Northwest, Suite 107 Andover, Minnesota 55304, United States

(763) 434-4948


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Meet our staff


Don Herve, OD

Dr. Herve graduated from San Francisco State University in 1986. He went on to earn the Doctor of Optometry from Pacific University in 1990 where he did clinical rotations in behavioral and low vision eye care, as well as hospital care at the Vancouver Veterans Hospital. His vocational background includes extensive family based optometry in private and commercial practices with experience in hospital based care with Kaiser Permanente in Oregon. While living in Oregon he developed a low vision division to his practice as well as worked with young children with vision therapy. Since moving to Minnesota in 

1999, he has built a family optometric practice.

A special area of experience is working with special needs individuals, having a son with autism, and understanding ways to promote comfort and a sense of well being to a client. Dr. Herve is married and has three children. His interests are with his family and home life. He supports the values of Boy Scouts of America, being himself an Eagle Scout, and has been involved with his own son earning the award. He has participated with the local school committee to explore ways to expand the opportunities of young people with special needs, finding employment in our community.

His interests outside of business include physical activities as bicycling, running and conditioning, along with motorcycling as well as electronics and computers. He also enjoys home improvements and hardscape gardening who, together with his wife, build living rooms.

Michelle Bakke, ABOC

Michelle Bakke is a board certified optician with over 20 years experience in direct patient care. She has advanced skills with optical pretesting to promote the most accurate readings for the exam. Her experience is knowing the perfect lens type for the patient as well as having a keen eye for fashion and style. Michelle is local to this area and is married with two children. She too is very involved with family life and school activities.

Gina Dronen, ABOC

Gina Dronen is a board certified optician and excels at meeting customers wants and needs to find the right eyewear. She is skilled at pretesting patients to prepare them for their exam with Dr. Herve. Along with meeting patient’s eye wear needs, she provides for billing and assists patients with questions they may have regarding their insurance.  Gina lives locally with her husband. She loves learning new things and stays busy with school, spending time with friends and family and motorcycling with her husband during the summer months.